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 The Glanford Concert Bands form core ensembles within the Music Department.  Directed by Mr. Byron Lienard, students progress through a program of performance, theory and music appreciation while developing instrumental and basic musicianship skills.


 Concert Bands are split into two ensembles which rehearse twice a week within the timetable.  Each Concert Band also meets outside of the timetable weekly for a joint rehearsal as a full ensemble.  Band students do not miss curricular instruction while attending rehearsals.


 It is a course requirement for all music students to attend these weekly rehearsals, as well as to attend all concerts and performances.


 Generally students will join Concert Band upon arrival in Grade 6.  Students wishing to join the Music Program in Grade 7 are welcome, although private lessons will be required to bring the new musician up to speed.




Band 6

In School  

Band  6A (C1/C2/C4) 

 Mondays 10:02-10:59


 Wednesdays 8:50-9:47
Band  6B (C3/C5)        Mondays 10:59-11:56


 Wednesdays 10:02-10:59 

Joint Rehearsal        

 Fridays Before School 7:30-8:27

Band 7

In School  

Band 7A (B3/B4)

 Mondays 12:51-1:48


 Thursdays 10:59-11:56

Band 7B (B1, B2 & B5)    

 Mondays 1:48-2:45


 Fridays 10:02-10:59
Joint Rehearsal       Tuesdays Before School 7:30-8:27

Band 8

Rehearsals: Tuesdays Block 2 & Fridays Block 3
Sectionals as needed