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This high energy ensemble consists of saxophones, trumpets and trombones, as well as a rhythm section  (drum kit, jazz piano, guitar and electric bass).  The Jazz Band may be split into two ensembles depending on the number of students participating. 


 This second ensemble may be a Jazz Combo, a Jazz Band or even an auditioned Jazz Band depending on the skills and instrumentation of the students involved.


Jazz Band is open to Grade 7 and 8 students who are active members of the Concert Band.


Honour Jazz also returns this school year.  Details on selection criteria will be forthcomming.


  Musicians who do not currently play one of the traditional Jazz Band instruments should consult with Mr.Lienard  as options are available.  For instance, it is quite common for flute and clarinet players to double on the saxophone as the fingerings are similar.


  Once students have developed a basic understanding of musical theory, it simply becomes a matter of getting used to the feel and sound of the second instrument.  Students will be expected to stay on their primary instrument in Concert Band to continue their skill development.


 Musicians wishing to form part of the rhythm section require a prior knowledge of jazz as well as a solid understanding of musical technique on their instrument.  Generally the rhythm section involves one student on guitar, piano and electric bass and one or two students trading off on drum set and auxiliary percussion.



Jazz Band and Honour Jazz Band Rehearsals

Monday - Lunch 11:56-12:46

Wednesday  - Before School 7:30-8:27