Glanford Music

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the process for choosing an instrument?
A: In September, all grade 6 students participate in an instrument zoo, where they will pick 3 instruments, with final decisions made by the Music Directors based on the needs of the ensemble.

Q: Are there any band instrument restrictions?
A: Saxophone - 1 or 2 saxophone players per class
    Percussion - Two years of piano required, 1-2 students per class

Q: When should I rent an instrument?
A: n September, after the process of selecting an instrument is complete.

Q: Can students switch instruments?
A: In Grade 7, students can consider doubling on a second instrument to join the Jazz Band, but will usually stay on their original instrument in Concert Band.

Q: Do the music groups go on tour?
A: Grade 7 & 8 band, Strings 7/8 and Choir Grade 7/8 students are invited on the tour. Past trips have included British Columbia, Alberta, Seattle, and Portland.

Q: Can I join other ensembles as well?
A: Absolutely!  Band and Strings are the foundation ensembles.  Jazz Bands are open to grade 7 & 8 students.  Choir is open to all students (you don't need to be in a band).

Q: How many students are involved in music?
A: In a school of 400 students, we have had over 300 students involved in various ensembles.  Glanford encourages all students to ‘get involved,’ and music provides a fantastic outlet for creativity, teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and fun.

Please see Mr. Lienard if you have any individual questions about this process, or even if you just want to ask about the program!!