Glanford Music

1. Winter Concerts- This year's winter concerts were a huge success. The morning concert was extremely well attended, with practically the entire school turning out to watch. The attendance at the evening concert was even more surprising, as we set up as many chairs as possible and it was still not enough, with many people having to stand. All of the ensembles played very well, especially our beginning groups. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Food Drive. 

We now will start looking ahead to Cabaret and Patisserie in March.


2. Extra Curricular Rehearsals- For all groups which have rehearsals occurring before or after school, these rehearsals will continue until the Winter Break. Intermediate Strings will NOT have a rehearsal on Thurs, Dec 21st.


3. Music Tour- The deadline for the first payment and the signed portion of the letter is now Monday, December 11th (slight extension has been given). Again, form is attached here just in case.


4. Coffee & Tea Fundraiser- For the Level Ground coffee order for December, we are also trying out Tea. Level Ground offers packages of wonderful and flavourful loose leaf tea. These tea packages would make perfect stocking stuffers! Both coffee and tea orders will be due Thursday, Dec. 14th @ 3:00 pm. Paper copies distributed at school will now be double sided. Coffee and Tea forms are here 


5. Practice Record #6-  For Band students, Practice Record #6 is here. It is for the next 2 weeks, but also has the 2 week break included as Bonus practice time.