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Greetings Music Parents and Guardians,


Welcome back to another great year at Glanford as a whole, but also within our music program. As we have done in the past, email is a significant way in which we communicate. If you have an email change request, or would like to add an email our list, please email us back.


Last week Band 7, Band 8, Intermediate & Advanced Strings, as well as Choir members, received the Glanford Music Start-Up Package. If you did not receive this yet, it can be found here.


An important part of our music program is our Music Parents Association. Much of what our students are able to do, is due to the involvement of the GMPA.  The GMPA (Glanford Music Parents Association) will be holding its first meeting of the year on Monday, September 24th @ 7pm. This meeting will take place in the Performing Arts Studio. 


This week all of our ensembles will begin running with their regular schedules. Here is a run down on what each ensemble needs to know:


1. Band 7- There are two grade 7 bands- Band 7A (B3&B4- meet Mon. & Thurs. in time table) and Band 7B (B1, B2 & B5- meet Mon. & Fri. in time table). All Band 7 students come together on Tuesday morning @ 7:30am, to rehearse together. We will start Tuesday, September 18th.


2. Band 8- This Band now combines all 5 Grade 8 advisories into 1 Band. They meet Tuesday- block 2 and Friday- block 3. There is no early morning rehearsal for this group. Mark your calendars for our Band 8 Fall Retreat @ Camp Pringle- Sun. October 14th and Mon. October 15th.


3. Glanford Jazz Ensemble & Honour Jazz- These are two separate groups that share the same schedule. This allows for some collaboration, as well as independent rehearsal. For both groups they meet- Monday @ Lunch and  Wednesday morning @ 7:30am. We will be having our first rehearsal for both groups on Wednesday, Sept. 19th.


4. Intermediate & Advanced Strings- These groups had their first rehearsal last Thursday. They meet Monday- block 1 and Thursday morning @ 7:30am. Next rehearsal for both groups will be Thursday, Sept. 20th.


5. Concert Choir- Our choir at Glanford is open to ALL Glanford students. Students do not need to have previous experience. Students are encouraged to come out for the month of September to try it out. Our choir meets- Tuesday after school (2:55- 3:55pm) and Thursday @ Lunch. Our first rehearsal of the year will be Tuesday, Sept. 18th @ 2:55 pm. 


Looking forward to a fantastic year, and please stay in touch,

Byron Lienard and Anja Rebstock.