Glanford Music

1. Honour Jazz perform @ GVPAF- Congrats to the Honour Jazz for their performance at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival last Monday, April 16th. Honour Jazz conducted themselves very professionally throughout and had a very solid performance. Many adults in attendance, not just the adjudicator, were impressed with how well they played. Way to go!


2. Concert Choir @ WCCCF- Last Friday, April 20th, our Concert Choir travelled up to Mill Bay to Brentwood College School. Once there, we participated in the West Coast Concert Choir Festival. Participating in a festival was a first for the group. Evidence of how well the choir performed was in the level of achievement given by the festival- a Silver Award. Amazing achievement! Following the performance, the group was amazingly focused and singing better than I have ever heard in the workshop. I heard many of the choir members saying how they are looking forward to coming back again next year.


3.GMPA Meeting- The regular monthly meeting for the GMPA will be held this Monday, April 23rd @ 7pm. All Glanford music program parents/ guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meeting will take place in the Performing Arts Studio.


4. Music Tour- a) Tour Orchestra- tour orchestra rehearsal continues Tuesday morning, for our third rehearsal of 5. Rehearsal begins at 7:30 am.


    b) Parent Meeting- For all Parents/ Guardians of Music Tour participants, the parent meeting is this Wednesday, April 25th @ 7pm. This is a mandatory meeting and at least one parent must be in attendance. Students can choose to attend, although not required. If both parents are unable to attend, student can attend in their place. Chapereone Meeting to follow, beginning at around 8pm.


5. Practice Records- For all Band students Practice Record #11 is due starting tomorrow. Practice Record #12, which is attached begins tomorrow.